Chit Chat: Music for Two Clavichords.

New Release

How often does one encounter the rich sonority of two clavichords on two superb historical instruments? This project celebrates this rare and enchanting medium with a range of works written specifically for Terence Charlston and Julian Perkins by acclaimed composer-performers Iain Farrington and Heloise Werner, in addition to works by Alexander J. Blustin, Peter Maxwell Davies, Nicola LeFanu, Timothy Roberts, Peter Thorne, and Charlston himself. Read more.

Prima Facie Records

DDA 25204

Froberger: Complete Fantasias and Canzonas.

The eight fantasias and six canzonas of Johann Jacob Froberger (1616-1667) are amongst his most beautifully crafted yet most neglected works. They survive together with toccatas and partitas in a meticulously written autograph manuscript, the Libro Secondo, dated 19 September 1649. This is the first recording of all 14 works on the clavichord.

Divine Art Recordings

Reviews: "But not a single note of this disc ever sounds too private or too furtive. In the hands of Charlston, his clavichord soars and expands before our very ears. Through this incantation of counterpoint, in turns both exotic and familiar, Charlston reveals a depth of humanity on par with the great polyphonic achievements of J.S. Bach." Adam Sherkin (The Whole Note)


Bach Cantatas Nos 106 & 182.

Gottes Zeit ist die allerbeste Zeit 'Actus tragicus' BWV106
Partita 8 of O Gott, du frommer Gott, BWV767
Komm, Jesu, komm BWV229
Himmelskönig, sei willkommen BWV182

Amici Voices

Amici Sounds 01415

Adieu m'amour: Music from the time of Agincourt

This programme of vocal and keyboard music from the period of the Battle of Agincourt was devised as part of the commemoration events which took place in October 2015 to mark the battle's 600th anniversary . It forms an unusual and unique response in words and music to this pivotal and controversial historical event. Thanks to the support of the Agincourt 600 Commemoration Fund the concert programme has been recorded, listen online. You can view the accompanying CD booklet here.

Amici Voices

DDA 25131

Mersenne's Clavichord

Two hundred years of keyboard music in France.

A recording using Peter Bavington's reconstruction of the Mersenne Clavichord (1636)

Track Music by Antoine de Févin, Pierre Blondeau, Guillaume Costeley, Nicolas Gombert, Antoine Gardane, Pierre Megnier, Jacques Cellier, Charles Racquet, Pierre [iii] de la Barre, Mercure d'Orléans, Jan Pieterszoon Sweelinck, Gérard Scronx, Jean Henry D'Anglebert, Jacques Champion, Sieur de Chambonnières, Mr. Couperin, Nicolas Gigault, Nicolas Lebègue.

Terence Charlston, clavichord. Divine Art Recordings

Reviews: "Terence Charlston deserves much praise for his initiative in making this recording. His performances here are simply superb. I should not forget to acknowledge the efforts of the technical staff which has managed to make the clavichord sound very natural. Ample reasons to label this disc Recording of the Month." Johan van Veen, Music Web International, Early Music Review, The Classical Reviewer

DDA 25122

The Harmonious Thuringian

A recording of late-seventeenth- and early-eighteenth-century music associated with the early years of Bach and Handel and performed on a reconstruction by David Evans of a surviving German harpsichord from the same time.

Music by J. Christoph and J.S.Bach, J.C.F. Fischer, Handel, Kuhnau, Marchand, J.P. and J. Krieger, Merula, J. Pachelbel, Ritter, and Zachow.

Terence Charlston, harpsichord. Divine Art Recordings

"The playing on this CD is stunning. The sound is perfect: revealing every detail of the music and gradation and tone of the instrument's character. A great introduction to the period." John France, MusicWeb International, October 2014

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Deux-Elles DXL1143

La Chasse Royale: The Keyboard Manuscript of Antoine Selosse

"Terence Charlston showcases this treasure haul brilliantly on a sprightly harpsichord, a dulcet clavichord and a robust organ from 1702 (maybe Britain's oldest)." **** CD Reviews, The Times, June 2010

"This set stands out as an illustrious model for the fusion of exemplary scholarship and impeccable musicianship." Early Music (2014) Volume 42, Issue 1, pp. 147-150

For further details click here

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Deux-Elles DXL1117

Carlo Ignazio Monza: Keyboard Music

Monza (c.1696-1739): 4 Suites and a Prelude and Fugue from Pièces Modernes Pour le Clavecin: Bartolomeo Monari da Bologna (c.1663-1697) 2 Sonatas;  Bernardo Pasquini (1637-1710)Toccata con lo Scherzo del Cucco

Performed on an Italian harpsichord after Giusti by David Evans, 1999

"The playing on this CD is nothing short of miraculous: exciting, expressive, rhythmically taught, with every piece gauged to perfection ... unabashed comfort food for lovers of the harpsichord. Terence Charlston is a highly-regarded British harpsichordist "he is obviously a major, major talent." Fanfare Magazine, FEB 2010

"His rendition of the Prelude and Fugue in F minor is particularly appealing, lingering for just the right amount of time on the juiciest harmonies in the Prelude and conveying the drama of the densely chromatic Fugue with an expert's sense of timing." Early Music (2014) Volume 42, Issue 1, pp. 141-143.

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Deux-Elles DXL1136

William Byrd: For My Ladye Nevell

Music from My Ladye Nevells Book Harpsichord and Virginals

My Ladye Nevells Grownde; The Battell - I. The souldiers sommons, IV. The trumpetts, VI. The bagpipe and the drone, VII. The flute and the droome, The Galliarde for the Victorie; The Seconde Pavian; The Galliarde to the Seconde Pavian; The Fifte Pavian; The Galliarde to the Fifte Pavian; The Seventh Pavian; The Eighte Pavian ; A Voluntarie, "For my ladye nevell"; Lord Willobies Welcome Home; The Carmans Whistle; Sellingers Rownde; A Fancie ; A Voluntarie; Fantazia Mr Bird (GB-Lcm MS 2093)

What the Critics say...

Performed on virginals after Grouwells, c.1580 and harpsichord after Couchet, 1645, both by David Evans. In association with the British Library

Deux-Elles DXL1124

Click here for list of Bryne's keyboard music

Albertus Bryne

Keyboard Music Harpsichords ! Organ ! Virginals

Albertus Bryne Complete music for harpsichord and organ, including 7 Suites (in A minor, F major, D minor, D major) and one organ voluntary.
Christopher Gibbons Three voluntaries for the organ

Performed on harpsichords, spinet and the organ of St. Botolph's Aldgate, London.

"This is a CD full of beautiful, tuneful and excellently-played music by a specialist who brings style, originality and above all great illumination to one of that period's most elegant and characterful composers. It will delight. Thoroughly recommended." CLASSICAL.NET, June 2008

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Deux-Elles DXL1047

Click here for list of Locke's Keyboard Music

Complete Keyboard Works
Matthew Locke

Melothesia 1673:Prelude, Saraband, Suite in C, Suite in G minor, Suite in D, Suite in D minor (William Gregory), 7 pieces for the organ.
Musicks Hand-maide 1663/1678: The Cimmerians' Dance, An Antic Dance, Alman in G, Saraband in G, Ayre in F major, Saraband in F, Ayre in C , Saraband in C , Apes' Dance, The Bondman's Dance.
The Present Practice of Musick vindicated 1673: Almand for the violl, An Entry in F for the harpsichord.
Manuscript sources: Almand in G, Pavan in D minor,  Suite in D , Corant in A minor, Ground in D,  Prelude and Voluntary for organ.

Italian and Flemish Harpsichords, viginals and the organ of Trinity College, Cambridge

"Terence Charlston's playing is neat and bright, enlivening repeats with well-chosen ornaments, and everywhere responding sympathetically to Locke's slightly quirky individuality. This may be slight music, but Charlston and Deux-Elles have taken the job of committing it to disc with admirable seriousness."  GRAMOPHONE  FEBRUARY 2004

"This disc from Deux-Elles is sheer proof that the harpsichord, virginals and the organ are the most expressive instruments and these works from Matthew Locke show their high status in the field of seventeenth century keyboard music...this release from Deux-Elles is one to be treasured."  Classical Music on the Web September 2003

"Terence Charlston plays persuasively. He has a fresh, off-the-key touch, letting air into lines and textures, and ornamenting crisply.  He uses four contrasting instruments...all recorded with admirable immediacy." BBC MUSIC MAGAZINE DEC 2003 PERFORMANCE****SOUND*****

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Lammas Records LAMM 181D

Sounds Baroque 
Collins/IOFS organ, St Saviour's Church, St. Albans 

Georg Muffat: Toccata secunda in G minor; Purcell: Voluntary in G major, F.Couperin: Kyries and Benedictus (Messe pour les Paroisses); J. S. Bach: Allein Gott in der Höh sei Ehr BWV 663, Toccata and Fugue in D minor “The Dorian” BWV 538, Herr Jesu Christ, dich zu uns wend BWV 709, Komm, Gott, Schöpfer, Heiliger Geist BWV 667, Jesu, meine Freude BWV 753 (completed Charlston); Kirnberger: Ich dank dir schon, Musical Circle; Böhm: Prelude and Fugue in C major; Stanley: 2 Voluntaries; C.P.E Bach: Sonata in A minor Wq 70/4.

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The National Trust

Benton Fletcher Collection
Fenton House, Hamstead, London

400 Years of Keyboard Music in London

Abel: Overture I in Bb; Handel: Andante and Passacaille (Suite no.7 in G minor)
Arne: Sonata V in Bb; Scarlatti: 2 Sonatas in  D minor (K.9+64); Froberger: Plainte faite à Londres pour passer la Melancholie; John Roberts: 2 Corants (Melothesia, 1673); Anon: Englishe Nachtigal (Celle Manuscript); Sweelinck: Malle Sijmen; Beethoven: Two Bagatelles Op.119 nos. 1+2; CPE Bach: Fantasia in C minor, Wq. 63/6; John Alcetur: The Trowmppettus (Alcetur Bible); Claudin de Sermisy: DonÂ’t vient cela; Alfonso Ferrabosco: A Fancy; Byrd: Pavana and Galiardo: The Earle of Salisbury; Anon: Chi passa (Dublin Virginal Manuscript); Frescobaldi : Toccata Prima and 23 variations on the Passacagli; Duphly: La Felix; Rameau:  Musette en Rondeau and Tambourin; Haydn:  Presto (Sonata in F, Hob.XVI/23, 1773); JC Bach: Allegro di molto (Sonata in D, Op.5 No.2)

Clavichord, harpsichord, virginals and piano
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Deux-Elles DXL1017

Italian Concerto 
Harpsichord music by Johann Sebastian Bach

Toccata in D  BWV 912
Chromatic Fantasia and Fugue in D minor BWV 903
Aria variata in the Italian manner BWV 989  
Italian Concerto in F BWV 971
Prelude in C minor BWV 999
Prelude and Fughetta in G BWV 902 
Fantasia in C minor BWV 906 
Aria from the Klavierbüchlein for Anna Magdalena Bach BWV 988

“An outstanding recital.ÂGRAMOPHONE MARCH 2002

CD of the Week, Observer Review, 2001

"Charlston plays with flair, naturally expressive timing and touching serenity.”              CD of the Week, OBSERVER REVIEW NOV 2001

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Deux-Elles DXL917

Les Délices de la Solitude
A Recital of Eighteenth century French Harpsichord Music

F. Couperin: Prélude (L'Art de toucher le clavecin),Les Baricades Mistérieuses, Les Bergeries,  La Moucheron (6e Ordre), Les Délices (7e Ordre), Le Petit-Rien (14e Ordre), Premier Prélude (L'Art de toucher le clavecin),La Ténébreuse, Seconde Courante, La Lugubre, La Favorite , La Lutine (3e Ordre)
Forqueray: La Forqueray, La Leclair,
Rameau:  La Livri, L'Enharmonique, L'Egyptienne
Dandrieu: L'Harmonieuse
Duphly: La Forqueray

“Charlston's recital is an attractive one, pleasingly constructed and played with idiomatic fluency. PERFORMANCE**** BBC Music Magazine, 2001

“An enjoyable introduction to the repertory of the clavecinistes             INTERNATIONAL RECORD REVIEW  JUNE 2001

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Lammas Records LAMM 150D

Bach Organ Music
On the organs of Douai Abbey

Toccata & Fugue in D minor BWV 565
Ein' feste Burg ist unser Gott BWV 720
Pedalexercitium in G minor BWV 598
Fantasia & Fugue in G minor BWV542 
Liebster Jesu, wir sind hier BWV 731
Vater unser im Himmelreich BWV 737
O Lamm Gottes, unschuldig
Prelude, Trio and Fugue in C BWV 545 and 529 
Pastorella in F  BWV 590
Von Himmel hoch da komm ich her BWV 738
Herzlich thut mich verlangen BWV 727
Fantasia in G (Pièce d'Orgue) BWV 572

"Buy this disc for CharlstonÂ’s fine playing. He plays Bach with unusual elegance, assurance, genuine musicality, and of course, stylistic awareness. All this adds up to splendid Bach organ performances - something of an endangered species nowadays. " AMERICAN RECORD GUIDE JULY 2003

"Here is a disc that is a delight from start to finish. Performances of well-known pieces of Bach played on the two fine organs both sounding very clear and bright. All the performances are clear, intelligent, musical and satisfying, nothing more could be required. " THE ORGAN nov 2003

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Naxos 8.553982

Suites and Transcriptions for Harpsichord
Henry Purcell

Eight Suites Z.660-668
Overture in gamut flat (The Virtuous Wife) Z.T693
Chaconne in G minor Z.T680
A New Ground in E minor Z.T682
Overture in C (Bonduca Z.574/1)
Overture in D (The Fairy Queen) Z.T692
Overture in D minor (King Arthur) Z.628/2
Round O (Abdelazer) Z.T684

"He shows fine clarity of finger and of ornamentation and plenty of spirit" GRAMOPHONE APRIL 1998

“A performance of calculated elegance and focused sponteneity...infectious and boldly rendered. Record of the Month CLASSIC FM MAGAZINE MARCH 1998

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Chamber Music Recordings

CCS 35117

Handel: German Arias and Trio Sonatas

Florilegium with Gillian Keith
Channel Classics

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CCS 38616

Telemann: Concertos and Cantata Ihr Völker Hört

Florilegium, Clare Wilkinson
Channel Classics

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CCS SA35914 (2 CDs)

J.S. Bach: Six Brandenburg Concertos

Channel Classics

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Recreation for the Soul

CCS 35214

J.S. Bach: Cantatas 78, 150 and 147

'Recreation for the Soul'
Magdalena Consort
Channel Classics

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TOCC 0248

C.P.E. Bach Lieder on Clavichord with Norbert Meyn (Tenor)

A unique recording of C.P.E. BachÂ’s Lieder accompanied with the clavichord,
the composerÂ’s favourite instrument. First ever recording of these songs with complete texts. Ready in time for the 300th anniversary of the composerÂ’s birth in 1714.  Based on the new C.P.E. Bach edition of The Packard Humanities Institute.
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CCS SA 33213

Couperin and Rebel - Les Nations and Les Caractères de la danse


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DXL 1146

Affectuoso - Virtuoso Guitar Music from the 18th Century
Taro Takeuchi

Rudolf Strauge: Suite for Guittar; Giacomo Merchi: La Folia di Spagna Con Variationi; J.C. Bach: Sonata for Guittar and Violin Accompaniment; G.F. Handel: Menuet; Rudolf Straub: Sonata I for Guittar and Harpsichord Accompaniment; Francesco Geminiani: Menuet Affectuoso

Taro Takeuchi, guitar

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Barocking together

Handel: Sonata in B minor for flute and continuo, HWV367b; Bach: Sonata in E minor for flute and continuo, BWV1034; Sonata in A major for flute and harpsichord, BWV1032 (Completed Charlston); Sonata in E major for flute and continuo, BWV1035; Sonata in E flat major for flute and harpsichord, BWV1031; Sonata in F major for flute and continuo, TWV41:F4

Sharon Bezaly, flute

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HANDEL, G.F.: 9 German Arias / Trio Sonata, HWV 392 / LOTTI, A.: Missa Sapientiae (Kirkby, London Baroque)


Handel Gloria and German Airs

Emma Kirkby and London Baroque

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The Artistry of Emma Kirkby
4 Cds for the price of 2

Emma Kirkby and London Baroque

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Handel in Italy Solo Cantatas
Notte placida e cheta, HWV142; UnÂ’ alma innamorata, HWV173; Concerto a Quattro in D major; Figlio dÂ’alte speranze, HWV113; Agrippina condotta a morire, HWV110 

Emma Kirkby and London Baroque

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Leçons de Ténébres
Couperin and Lalande

Emma Kirkby and Agnès Mellon (sopranos)
Charles Medlam (bass viol), Terence Charlston (organ)

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CHAN 0749

Monteverdi - Fire and Ashes: Monteverdi Series, Volume 2

I Fagiolini

Ballo – Tirsi e Clori; Chiome d'oro; Vorrei baciarti; Ardo, avvampo; Ogni amante e guerrier; Con dolce tormento; E cosi a poco a poco; Misero alcei; «Batto» qui pianse ergasto; Che dar piu; Si ch'io vorrei morire, Io mi son giovinetta; Rimante in pace; Sestina – Incenerite spogliee

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CHAN 0760

Monteverdi -  Sweet Torment: Monteverdi Series, Volume 3 

I Fagiolini

Quest vaghi concenti – T'amo, mia vita! – Ohimè il bel viso – Zefiro torna, e'l bel rimena – Zefiro torna, e di soavi accenti – Ohimè, dov'è il mio ben? – Si dolce è 'l tormento – Or che 'l ciel e la terra – Gira il nemico insidioso – Ball delle Ingrate 

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The Trio Sonata in 17th-Century Germany
Couperin and Lalande

London Baroque

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Pièces de Clavecin en Concert (1741)
Jean-Philippe Rameau

with Ingrid Seifert (violin) and Charles Medlam (bass viol)

Concert No.1 in C minor (La Coulicam - La Livri - Le Vézinet), Concert No.2 in G (La Laborde - La Boucon - L'agaçante - Menuets I & II), Concert No.3 in A (La La Poplinière - La timide - Tambourins I & II), Concert No.4 in B flat (La Pantomime - L'indiscrète - La Rameau), Concert No.5 in D minor (La Forqueray - La Cupis - La Marais)

What the Critics say...

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BIS CD-1495

French Cantatas 

Rameau: Les Amants trahis; Aquilon et Orithie; Thetis; Air a boire.
Campra: Les Femmes   

Peter Harvey, Philippa Hyde
London Baroque

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BIS CD-1455

French 17th-Century Trio Sonatas 

Lully: Trios pour le Coucher du Roi. Geoffroy Dialogue pour le clavessin et les violes L. Couperin Simphonie Simphonie F. Couperin La Superbe Suite No.2 in D major Gaspard le Roux Sonata in G major La Félicité Clérambault Suite in G minor from Pièces en Trio Rebel Tombeau de Monsieur Lully for two violins and b.c.
London Baroque

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Stravaganza Napoletane

Mancini Sonata XIII in G minor, Sonata II in E minor. Corelli Fuga con un soggetto solo. Sarri Sonata XI in A minor. A. Scarlatti Sonata XI in A minor. Barbella Sonata III in C major. Gallo Trio Sonata No.1 in G major for 2 violins and b.c. Ravenscroft Sonata Ottava for 2 violins and b.c.

Dan Laurin, recorder
London Baroque
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CCR CCS 15798/18498

Bach Flute and Harpsichord Sonatas vols. 1 and 2
with Ashley Solomon (flute)

Volume 1: Sonatas in C BWV 1033, E minor BWV 1034, in E BWV 1035 and B minor BWV 1030, Partita in A minor BWV 1013 

Volume 2: Sonatas in E flat BWV 1031, in G minor BWV 1020, in A BWV 1032 and in G BWV 1039, Trios in G minor BWV584,  in G BWV 586 and  E minor BWV 583

Gramophone Critics' Choice 2001
"Exceptional playing. I can strongly recommend this version, even if you have one on CD. Prepare to be uplifted. "
(Gramophone Magazine FEB 2001)

"The rapport of Solomon and Charlston makes for rewarding listening with communicative, unhurried charm. "
(BBC Music Magazine **** FEB 2001)

"This is the second of two volumes of flute sonatas. It includes sonatas in E-flat, G minor, A, and G (an arrangement of the G-major Trio Sonata). The musicians have also included arrangements of three organ pieces - S583, 584, and 586. The presentation of this recital, including Terence Charlston's informative notes and smart completion of the first movement of the A-major Sonata, is stupendous."  Johnson, ARG

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BIS CD-1455

English 17th-Century Trio Sonatas 

Orlando Gibbons: Three fantasias a 3 (c.1620). John Coprario: Fantasia Suite (early 1620s). William Lawes: Sett No.1 (early 1620s?). John Jenkins: Fancy & Ayre for 2 trebles, bass & organ (1630-1650); [Fantasia] a 3 (c.1650). Matthew Locke: Suite in D minor (Little Consort, 1651). Christopher Simpson: [Suite] in D major (c.1650s). John Blow: Sonata in A major; Ground in G minor. Henry Purcell: Sonata XX in D major from Sonatas in Four Parts (1697)

London Baroque

"Forthright playing from an expert group as they start their Baroque exploration ." (Gramophone Magazine April 2004)

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BIS CD-1275

François Couperin

Le parnasse ou L'Apothéose de Corelli; Concert Instrumental de Monsieur Lulli; La Sultane; La Steinkerque

London Baroque

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BIS CD-1065

Sacred Cantatas

Salve Regina, antiphon for soprano, strings, organ & continuo in G minor, HWV 241; O qualis de coelo sonus, motet for soprano, HWV 239; Trio Sonata in G minor, HWV 404
Coelestis dum spirat aura, motet for soprano, 2 violins & continuo, HWV 231; Laudate Pueri Dominum, psalm, for soprano, 2 violins & continuo in F, HWV 236

Emma Kirkby
London Baroque

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Cavalli CCD 332

Arien & Concerti
Johann Pachelbel

Emma Kirkby, Kai Wessel, Jan Kobow, Klaus Mertens
London Baroque

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BIS CD-1025/6

Complete Trio sonatas

Trio Sonatas, Op.1 Nos.1-12; Trio Sonata in B flat major, Op.5 No.17; Trio Sonata in G minor, Op.5 No.18; Sonata "Al Santo Sepolcro" in B minor (RV169); Sonata "Al Santo Sepolcro" in E flat major (RV130); Sonata for violin and basso continuo in D minor, Op.2 No.3; Concerto in C major, RV114.

London Baroque

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BIS CD-1345

The Organ trios
J.S. Bach

Six trio sonatas for organ BWV 525-530 arr. for 2 violins or violin/viola and continuo

London Baroque

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HMC 901617

Trio Sonatas, Op. 4 

London Baroque

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 HMC 901617

Overtures and Trio Sonatas, Op. 13

London Baroque

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The Italian Connection

CORELLI: Trio Sonata in A Op.3 No.12
GEMINIANI: Trio Sonata in D "Bush aboon Traquair"
D minor Op.1 No.2 / F "The last time I came o'er the moor"
LONATI: Sonata in G minor
MATTEIS: Divisions on a Ground (La Folia) in D minor
VERACINI: Sonata Op.2 No.7
VIVALDI: Trio Sonata in D minor Op.1 No.8

Bell Arte Antiqua

Gramophone Critics' Choice 2000
"These are stylish performances - something to cherish...good music, beautifully played." (Gramophone)
"..their renditions are both informed and tasteful, with a great fluency and flexibility..." (Classic CD *****)

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The English Connection

PURCELL: 4 Pavans / Sonatas Nos.5, 6 (Chaconne) & 8
JENKINS: Fantasia No.18 in F
LAWES: Sonata No.7 in D minor
LOCKE: Suite No.5 in E minor
YOUNG: Sonata Terza a3 in G minor

Bell Arte Antiqua

"...sensitive performances.." (BBC Music Magazine ****)
"..crisp, well-paced and beautifully shaped performances...a delightful freshness.." (The Daily Telegraph)

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Drawingboard Productions DBP 0001

Music for a Summers Evening 

Opening recital on the restored James Davis organ, St.George's RC Church, York.

Terence Charlston (organ) with the Georgian Ensemble

Rachel Rowntree and Jim OÂ’Toole (violins), Maugosia Ziemkiewicz (viola) and Graham Walker (cello)


Kenneth Leighton 

Andante (Organ Concerto in G major, Op. 2 no. 1)

George Frederick Handel

Voluntary in D minor

John Blow

Voluntary in C major, Op.5 no.1)

John Stanley

Fuga IV Alla Capella

James Nares 

Organ Concerto in D minor  (arr.Charlston)

Johann Sebastian Bach 


Matthew Camidge 

Andante Affetuoso


Air & Gavotte

Samuel Wesley 

Epistle Sonata in F major K. 244 and C major K. 336


Choral Song and Fugue

S. S. Wesley

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Handel Acis and Galatea ACD 201    1991    Accento

Handel Messiah 8.550667+8 1992 Naxos

Purcell Fairy Queen 8.550660+1 1993 Naxos

Handel Messiah (highlights)    8.553258 1993 Naxos

Bach St. John Passion 8.550664+5 1994 Naxos

Monteverdi Vespers 1610 8.550662+3 1994 Naxos

Essential Gregorian Chant Ely Place Choir KMCD 1019 1995

Musica en la catedral de Pamplona aAr 004 1996 Pamplona Cath.

Il flauto dolce recorder music Ashley Solomon CDE 84292 1996 Meridian

The Glory of Baroque (Douai Org.)  Solo Organ KMCD 1028 1996 Kevin Mayhew Publications

The Glory of Baroque (Douai Org.) Solo Organ  Re-issued 2002 CD 1490022 2002 and Cassette 1480037 2002

Bach St John Pass (excerpts) 8.553257 1996 Naxos

Handel Acis and Galatea 8.553188+9 1997 Naxos

Art of Baroque Trumpet vol.3 Eklund/Ryden/London Baroque 8.553735 1997 Naxos

Purcell Dido and Aeneas 8.553108 1997 Naxos

Purcell Indian Queen 8.553823     1998 Naxos

JS Bach 6 motets 8.553823 1998 Naxos

Handel Dixit Dominus 8.553208 1999 Naxos 7 30099 42082

Handel Acis and Galatea Dorian 93227 2001 Dorian records

Pergolesi Stabat Mater, etc.     Abbey GC/Emma Kirkby/Catherine Denley/London Baroque LAMM184 2006 Lammas

Cinema Classics 2006 Solo Harpsichord 8.556833 2006 Naxos